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We have you covered with @suppressorsolution for all of your ceramic gun cleaning, coating and suppressor maintenance needs!


Works great for its intended purpose for keeping new pistol and rimfire suppressors clean and breaking up carbon inside of older suppressors. We have also used it on pistol lights for carbon deposits and prevention, knives, as a gun lubricant/protection after cleaning and anything else that has friction points or you want to protect.


  • Extremely high lubricity factor
  • Long Lasting penetrating bond
  • Bonds to all firearm and suppressor parts
  • Repels particulates, lowers wear
  • Reduces friction, increases reliability
  • Creates a barrier for easy wipe off
  • Hydrophobic rust prevention
  • Safe on all metals, plastics, and wood
  • PH neutral


Suppressor &

Mounting Systems

Quietreport by up to 15Db when used as directed in our how to video.
Lubricateinternals, pistons, and mounts preventing carbon lock for easier removal.
Cleansuppressors and firearms as you shoot with our pressure activated formula.
Protectwith heat activated nano-ceramic coating for an easy wipe down cleanup.

Suppressor Shield/Ceramic Shield

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