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-Mil-Spec firing pin retaining pin with MIL-STD-171 phosphate finish
-Mil-Spec cam pin with MIL-STD-171 phosphate finish.
-Mil-Spec firing pin with MIL-STD-171 hard chrome finish.
-Tool steel extractor, shot peened, MIL-STD-171 phosphate finish, fitted with a Mil-Spec black extractor spring insert and Mil-Spec Viton o-ring.
-All bolts are Individually High Pressure Tested (HPT) and then Individually Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI).
-All bolts are shot peened per the current Mil-Spec.
-Bolts have MIL-STD-171 phosphate finish inside and out.
-Bolts are CNC machined from Carpenter No. 158®.
-Carrier key is attached with Grade 8 hardware and properly staked per the Mil-Spec.
-Carrier key has MIL-STD-171 phosphate finish inside and out.
-Mil-Spec tool steel carrier key.
-Laser engraved with ST Spider logo (visable through ejection port door opening).
-Carrier has MIL-STD-171 phosphate finish inside and out
-Mil-Spec 8620 tool steel M16 bolt carrier w/shrouded firing pin.

Bolt carrier group specifications-Spike's Tactical Complete Bolt Carrier Group. Complete with Bolt Carrier, Bolt and Firing Pin. These High Quality Bolt Carrier Groups are all HBT & MP Tested, Military Spec. Heavy Phosphate Coated, and feature a properly staked gas key. BCGs are machines from Carpenter 158 Steel. Gas Keys are also hardened.


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