Pulsar's Accolade thermal imaging binoculars are based on an IR sensor (uncooled microbolometer) are represented by a number of models featuring various magnification and lens diameter. The binoculars feature comfortable observation with both eyes. They are designed for the use both in the night-time and during the day in adverse weather conditions to see through obstacles hindering detection of targets. The binoculars do not require an external source of light and are not affected by bright light exposure. It uses variable interpupillary distance, high refresh rate 50 Hz, Wi-Fi video transmission, frost resistant AMOLED display and live internet video sharing. The fully waterproof Accoladte XP50 also features built-in video recorder, Wi-Fi module and a stadiametric rangefinder.

Pulsar PL77414 Accolade XP50 Thermal Binocular 2.5x50mm