Trigger Control Details

Trigger Lever Type: Straight or Curved

Trigger Action: Short Two Stage Action, designed to feel like a 1911

FRT: Yes

TKR Technology: Yes

CLKR Technology: Yes 

FLTWR Technology: Yes 

Creep: 0.000"

Overtravel: < 0.015"

Reset: < 0.030"

Reset Feel: Tactile mid force

1st Stage Weight: 0.75lbs - 0.75lbs

2nd Stage Weight: 1.75lbs - 4.25lbs

Total Pull Weight: 2.5lbs - 5.00lbs

Hammer Strike Force: Full

Pin Size: Standard Mil-Spec Pin (0.154")

Satisfaction Guarantee : 30 days

Warranty: Product lifetime

Weapon Platform: AR 15

Housing: 7075 Aluminum (annodized)

Key Components: 440C Stainless Steel


All pull weights and measurements are approximate

Triggertech Adaptable AR Primary Trigger